International phone calls for free or at super low cost


Mobile App Features

Free credits for everyone to start domestic and international phone calls


50% cheaper than Skype. Competitive rates for international calling to India, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, China, USA, Mexico, UAE, Nigeria, UK, Poland, Kuwait, Egypt, Brazil, Germany, France, Australia, and many more countries.


As long as you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you are allowed to make phone call at any time, anywhere. 3G/4G/5G and Wi-Fi connections compatible. Up to $0.8 USD free credit for your first few calls. Pay as you go. No strings attached.

Privacy Protection

Just download. No registration required. No user information collection. Your privacy is protected. You can either make anonymous phone call with nothing revealed to the callee, or phone call with your cell phone number as Caller ID. Ads free!

What is LalaPhone?

LalaPhone is an App (iOS and Android) that offers you the same as your cell phone carrier does, but charges you much less or even for nothing.


Crystal Clear Voice Quality

Inexpensive calls with crystal clear voice quality. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Quickly turn your iPad or Android Pad into a phone.

  • No
  • Noise
  • Echo


Call whenever cellular data or Wi-Fi connection is available

Call through Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/5G network with your data plan. Forget about roaming fee charged by wireless carrier. One flat rate for phone calls from local and from abroad.

  • All
  • line
  • type


Easy to use. Bonus credit.

No registration nor configuration is required. No monthly fee nor subscription. No hidden charge. No connection fee.

You get free gift credit that allows you to make a few phone calls immediately after download. Check in daily to earn bonus credit. Win bonus credit for each call you make.

  • Free
  • $$$
  • credit

Super low rates for international calling

One flat rates for calling from anywhere to more than 200 countries


USA - $0.0119/min
Canada - $0.0119/min
Mexico - $0.0199/min
Argentina - $0.0096/min
Brazil - $0.0299/min
Chile - $0.0399/min
Peru - $0.0219/min
Venezuela - $0.0398/min


India - $0.0219/min
Bangladesh - $0.0369/min
Indonesia - $0.0505/min
Cambodia - $0.0849/min
Vietnam - $0.1089/min
Philippines - $0.2369/min
South Korea - $0.0219/min
Singapore - $0.0185/min


Italy - $0.0039/min
Romania - $0.0099/min
Germany - $0.0123/min
France - $0.0229/min
UK - $0.0244/min
Spain - $0.0249/min
Turkey - $0.0351/min
Poland -$0.0399/min

Other Regions

Kuwait - $0.0749/min
Egypt - $0.0989/min
Israel - $0.1999/min
Saudi Arabia - $0.2119/min
Iraq - $0.2589/min
UAE - $0.2799/min
Morocco - $0.0249/min
Australia - $0.0219/min

How to get LalaPhone?

Just download the app from Apple Store or Google Play. It's free. You get free credit for your first few calls. Enjoy great VoIP phone service!
Download Lalaphone from Google Play Store