What is LalaPhone?

LalaPhone is an App (iOS and Android) that offers you the same functionalities as your cellular phone carrier does, but charges you much less or even for nothing. LalaPhone offers much better voice quality and faster connection than most landline and cellular phone carriers, and it supports WiFi and 3G/4G/5G cellular networks.

Where to download LalaPhone?

LalaPhone is available for iOS and Android. Simply click Download button on the top of the web page, and immediately you get two download buttons. Click either Apple Store or Google Play button to start downloading LalaPhone App onto your Apple device or Android device. If you would like to install APK package on your Android device, download the latest APK setup package.

How to make my first phone call?

After you install LalaPhone, the App automatically activates itself. With an intuitive user interface, no registration is required. Select the country that you would like to make call to in the Country list, and dial a landline or cellular phone number.

What is LalaPhone credit?

The credit is the balance in your account. Each call you make takes credit. You are given free credits immediately after you install LalaPhone App on your mobile device, and the free credit is given only once. You are entitled to get bonus credit if you check in daily or make phone call for more than 10 minutes.

Where to find my LalaPhone credit?

Click Settings button on top-left, and you would see it. Credit is balance in your LalaPhone account. The currency is USD with a dollar sign ($).

How long my credit is valid for?

It is valid for ever. No expiration.

Can I reclaim my credit if I reinstall LalaPhone?

Your credit is valid for ever; no expiration. If you change your mobile device, or reinstall LalaPhone app on the same mobile device, you can reclaim your credit with ease. Simply enter your email address or your cellular phone number at any time to reclaim the credit. If you still have difficulty in getting your credit back, contact LalaPhone support team, and a specialist would help you.

One account on multiple devices?

After you enter your email address or your cellular phone number, your account with LalaPhone is associated with it. You can use either your email address or your cellular phone number to log in LalaPhone on multiple devices.

May I transfer my credit back to a bank account?

No such a service is available.

Do you have a monthly plan or subscription?

No such an offering. However, you can add credit to your account by online purchase. The more credits you purchase, the more discount you get.

I would like you to show my cellular phone number

It is suggested to validate your cellular phone number with LalaPhone, before you can enable display your cellular phone number. LalaPhone sends you an verification code via SMS (Short Message Service) to your cellular phone, and you just enter the verification code into LalaPhone to complete the verification. After that, you are allowed to make phone call with your own cellular phone number.

Is my cellular phone number needed by Lalaphone?

LalaPhone does not solicit your cell phone number. If you would like to provide your cell phone number to Lalaphone, you would benefit from getting $0.02 credit for phone call for free. After you reinstall your Lalaphone App, you can recover your account and your credit with your cell phone number. It is convenient.

Can I advertise something on LalaPhone?

LalaPhone is Ads-free. No advertisement is allowed.

Where can I get your calling rates?

Click Settings button on top-left, and click Rate Query, select the Country/Region of your interest. Different prefix might indicate different rates for calling.

Do you charge for roaming?

No roaming fee for LalaPhone users. Wherever you go, wherever you call, the same calling rates apply. Some cellular carrier might have a so called Data Roaming charges, which are legitimate fees that consumers are contractually obligated to pay for data connectivity. Roaming charges may apply when leave your 'home' network area (such as travel abroad) and 'roam' onto the network or coverage area of another provider. It's highly suggested to use WiFi to make phone calls while you are roaming to avoid Data Roaming charges by your cellular carrier.